What Type Of Insurance Should I Get First?

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What Type Of Insurance Should I Get First?

Are you already insured? Perhaps the thought of it have never crossed your mind, until you were asked my an insurance advisor. For a minute you thought you were just asked that because they want you to buy insurance from them. But is it all that they do? Or do some of them really think about you and your future; thus the question.

You should have gotten insurance yesterday. You must have heard this line a couple of times. You heard it from your car insurance dealer, health insurance representative and other insurance policy providers. All of them will tell you how important it is to get insurance and they are right. There is nothing more valuable to you than your life and the life of those you will leave behind when you die.

And yet, the real problem is not really about not realizing how important it is to be insured. The real question is that which among the many insurance products you should actually be investing in. You get it – insurance is important. And then you ask, which type if more important?

Perhaps this is the time when you ask yourself what is more important to you. The more obvious answer would be your home because that is where you and the ones you love live. Getting home insurance first is the most logical thing to do first, simply because it will safeguard everything else you have worked hard for and everyone else dear to your heart.

A home insurance will make sure that when you pass away, your family will have a home to live in and collect good memories in. More than their security, getting home insurance would also ground you into having that one house that you will always come home to. In cases when accidents happen like your home is burning down, you won’t have to worry about starting right up, knowing that you’ve got the right insurance to cover it.

Indeed, there is no other insurance that trumps home insurance. Health insurance should always come second to make sure you’re there to witness all your kid’s milestones. And yet, these home investments and home insurance policies never fail to remind you that your family should always come first, before the self.